TALKSHOW is the result of an artistic collaboration between Juliana Ortiz and Markus Uhr. The installation consists of 74 framed paper collages in Din A4 format, eight large-scale modified mirrors and autumn foliage. The collages were made over a period of nine months; those included in the installation represent a selection from the work in progress.

    The collage`s creation is based on the following principle:

    Each artist sends the collage by mail to his counterpart.

    A xerox-copy created by the receiving party is the basis for reacting in form of the next collage, to be sent to his/her counterpart.

    This way the collages travel via mail between Zug (Switzerland) and Leipzig (Germany) and vice versa.

    By introducing the autumn foliage and using large-scale mirrors as background, the artists manage to transfer the collage principle into the space. Insight grows from combining elements that do not immediately interrelate, be it in regards to time, space or an overall meaning.

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